Wednesday, September 25, 2013

In vs. Out

President Obama sees only his Sent folder, not his Inbox.  At least that's the way it seems.

He may pay attention to more than what he himself says, but does it seem that way?

Otherwise he'd change course.  Of course he can't change course.

The Unions, Wall Street and other unholy actors can't conceive of it - neither can the President.

It's wrong to assail Barack Obama for being a tool of the populist Left.  He's a tool all right, but of his own doing, his own belief, his own certitudes.  He can't change.  Can't.

Strongly inclined towards Centralized Control, he sees vouchers as poison and food stamps as a positive indicator of what government can do.  He need look no further.  cCon is his worldview.

He keeps telling us this, again and again, energetically overloading his Sent folder.

Items in his Inbox suggest that Distributed Control is the way to go.  His vision just can't see that far.

Saturday, September 07, 2013


I, I, I, I, I say now... the President will refer to himself at least five times in his Syria speech on Tuesday, making the #ObamaOverUnder a lofty 5.  Why so many?  Past is prologue.
Barack Obama revealed a serious leadership deficiency less than year into his exalted first term.  He can't sell.  Soaring oratory aside, million dollar grin notwithstanding, he went to Copenhagen to pitch Chicago as an Olympic City and lost.  Badly.  He and the First Lady weren't even home to Washington when word came that Chicago was cut in the first round.
I, I, I and I were the most pronounced pronouns he used in that pitch.  The crux of his argument was him.  However, successful salesmen don't use I.  They use You.  More than a semantic subtlety, the second person personal pronoun focuses on those who need persuading.  Their needs, their wants, their issues become central to the pitch.
With Joe Biden constantly licking his shoes, and Valerie Jarrett apparently encouraging his retrograde impulses, President Obama still spews I's to this day, almost three quarters of the way through his Presidency.
The President's inability to sell overlaps with his inability to strategize in the present Syrian situation, as evidenced by the parade of strategic stink bombs he's let slip: Red Lines and Presidents Don't Bluff and Shots Across the Bow among them.
Let's see, what might suggest a strategy?  Hmm, don't make loose threats for starters.  Don't announce when you're going to strike, and don't downplay it as you're announcing it.  Don't surprise and undercut your staff and allies.  Oh yeah, don't try to get out of owning the ultimatum.  "The World's Red Line" says the buck stops somewhere else.  "Congress is like the dog that caught the car" is petty at best, self-defeating at worst.
One thing certain at this point is that 100,000 Syrians are dead, thousands of them children.  Little children are dead.  Dead little children!  Thousands of them!  Hundreds from poison gas, an especially horrible way to go.   Of course, the gas more than certainly enough was unleashed by Assad's government forces - the bastard, the unholy bastard.
Another thing certain at this point is that America has taken on water.  Reputations take a long time to build, are especially powerful in the early stages of conflicts, and can be squandered awfully quickly.  America's reputation as the last best hope of mankind ain't what it was pre-Syria, that's for damn sure.
President Obama has a 6% chance of turning this around, given the following.
  • He has to get both houses of Congress to back his play, whatever it turns out to be.
  • The Navy, Air Force and others arms of American power must execute very well, without a single casualty.
  • The course of the Syrian Civil War must turn towards the Free Syrians.
  • Finally, the Free Syrians must outmaneuver the Islamists.

Assume a 50% chance of success for each of those linked propositions.  50% x 50% x 50% x 50% = 6%.  Your estimates may vary.  

I hope he nails it.  The United States of America, the Syrian people and the entire Free World pretty much needs him to succeed.  Notwithstanding his manifold Presidential deficiencies, he's our President and we need to back him.  And then hold him accountable for the results, which ever way the ball bounces.

He can make a strong start by avoiding excessive I's on Tuesday night.  What are the odds?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Writ Against Newt & Its Riposte

The writ against Newt is that he overstates.  Sure there are other issues packed in his infamous baggage, but in a skyrocketing campaign powered by debate performances, the man's penchant for hyperbole is central to the diatribe that he's untrustworthy.  Even his Freddie Mac apostasy centers on his exuberant public statements as much as on the fees he accepted.

What's less acknowledged is the extent to which he's overachieved.  Seriously, who is the most successful Republican of the past half century?  Ronald Reagan.  Obviously.

Who's second?  Newt Gingrich.  Without him, Clinton has an economically failed Presidency.  An accomplishment like that is an indictment to a grasping backbencher like Michele Bachman, and made him the bete noire of smart Left Wing America.  (Or is that Left Wing Amerika?  Kidding.  Just kidding.)

2012 voters in their twenties barely remember 1990s politics anyway, so they'll learn fresh how Newt's leadership was essential to building the best economy in American history and even more importantly to increasing American happiness.  Happiness successfully pursued?  Yep, jobs, jobs and more jobs, millions of welfare recipients moving to payrolls, crime plunging.  Morning in America?  Hell, Newt's Contract with America led to a decade of gloriously sunny days in America.

Newt did this while leading the Clinton Presidency from behind.  Clinton?  That's Bill Clinton.  You know, Hillary's husband.  So along with Slick Willy, Newt was the last Washington leader to partner with the opposition to achieve undisputed great progress for America.  IOW, he's done more than talk a good and occasionally bad game.  He's delivered.  BIG TIME.

Overachiever.  Overstater.  I'm willing to accept the latter to gain the former.

Besides, when has it ever been a crime to be a big talker in America?  This is the country that gave the world tail-fins and a thousand songs in your pocket.  Some hyperbolic optimism, backed up by some 1990s-style overachievement, would do America a world of good right about now.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Be An Apostle For Liberty

An Open Letter to Mitch Daniels

Be an apostle for liberty.  Why is it good, necessary, desired, hard, true, fair, strong, valuable?  Explain these, singly then together.  Pitch liberty to America, pitch American liberty to the world at large, to the Muslims, to the Socialists, to the oligarchical subjects yearning to be free.  Pitch liberty and save the world.

Avoid libertarianism.  The extra four syllables confuse things.  Stick to liberty.  Everybody wants it.  Everybody should have it.  America should have more of it.

Foreign policy should be based on it.  Not blindly.  Savvy remains required.  Good.  Savvy is one quality that no one doubts you possess.  In spades.

What does liberty require of us?  As individual citizens, as parents, as economic actors, as a Party?  Liberty sure isn't free.  What are its costs?

What does 21st Century liberty look like?  How should it manifest itself online, on phones, in a connected world?

How should liberty be taught?  By who, to whom, when and where?

What is government's role in creating the conditions for liberty, in defending it, in promoting it?

Together with your impeccable domestic executive experience, liberty will fully define you by providing a lodestar for a foreign and military policy deeply rooted in the American Dream.

After all, what is the Leader of the Free World but an Apostle for Liberty.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Geithner's Gotta Go

"Geithner's Gotta Go" has more than just a ring to it. It's necessary. Guy was a bad hire from the gittgo. Never mind that he mangled his own taxes, he's been an ineffective advocate his entire career. Hell, the McCain campaign let Sarah Palin go on CBS about as much as the Fed put Geithner in front of cameras. Why do you think that was?

The only thing the guy can sell is free money to Goldman Sachs.

Fatally, he was the Fed's Man on Wall Street while the Mortgages for Everyone bubble inflated. He fiddled while Rome gorged itself on highly flammable instruments. Money-center institutions - colloquially known as Too-Big-To-Fail - borrowed forty (40!) times their assets to wager on tiny market changes on his watch. Not enough markets? They invented more, some called SIVs, from which the money has since sieved out.

Perhaps Geithner was doing Washington's bidding by not at least flagging such lunacy. Congress wanted lots and lots of mortgages to go out, codifying them in the '92 Legislative Changes to the Community Reinvestment Act. This in turn inflated the government sponsored gut of all bad mortgage policy, those rocking and rolling Government Sponsored Entities themselves - Fannie and Freddie!!!!! Wheewwwwweeee!

Fan and Fred wanted anyone who could fog a mirror into a mortgage. "Into": a preposition normally, a verb when used by mortgage brokers and certain salesmen.

So what'd Wall Street do when the GSEs needed to unload trillions in mortgage credit? Securitize, a fancy word for aggregate, slice and sell. Notice the absence of moral conscience. Aggregate, Slice, Sell.

Coin operated dicks: that's how to think of bond salesmen.

Ignoring the stinking pile of flammable leverage trillions deep behind him (reading a balance sheet being among his deficits), Geithner was positioned as a White Knight to our shiny new President, whose previous executive experience consisted of editing the Harvard Law Review. (As if smarts are all it takes to lead. Track record - a.k.a. successful experience - turns out to be the only solid predictor. Ethnicity turns out to be largely irrelevant. Imagine that.)

So Rahm whispered in the President's ear that Geithner's not simply the best man, he's The Only Man to run Treasury. The. Only. Man. To Run. Our Treasury.

Geithner couldn't adequately explain the situation then, can't adequately explain it now, so ipso facto he doesn't know what he's doing.

"Geithner's Gotta Go" Go, go, go.

Our Treasury holds Our Future, for goodness sakes.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Brown America

Politicians who lose sight of jobs and defense deserve to lose. Plain and simple.

Though I made a couple dozen Scott Brown for Senate calls Monday and yesterday, I'd not heard him speak till his acceptance party last night. What a party. Mass done itself proud.  Ayla put on a hot singing performance before her Dad came out. Doug F-ing Flutie on stage. Man. Hot.

The Brown family certainly upholds the great looks tradition of the Kennedy family.

Gotta love the truck too.

Brown even out-manned the President on the truck after our first hoops playing Prez came in with some weak s**t.  Downtown Scotty Brown challenged the Prez and a teammate of his choosing to a game of 2 on 2 vs. the new Republican Senator from Tax-a-chusetts and his BC forward daughter Ayla.

The scouting report on Ayla: 'Brown was scouted by the staff at Boston College beginning at the age of 15. She made a commitment to the school, and went on to attend BC on a full athletic scholarship. Currently in her senior year, she plays the forward position for the Boston College Eagles, wearing jersey #1. Brown's nickname given to her by her teammates is "Downtown Ayla Brown" because of her ability to sink 3-pointers and lengthy shots and in reference to her father's college basketball nickname "Downtown Scotty Brown".'
    Good luck Mr. President. You're going Downtown.

    You kidding me? This is the biggest political debut since William Jennings Palin herself introduced the country to lipstick conservatism, topping even young Senator Obama's One America speech at the Kerrey convention. Or was it the Gore convention? There's been so many failed Presidential Democrats.

    Unions are the problem that I and so many other independents have with the Democrats. The unions, of course, are the biggest of all losers from Scott Brown's Goliath slaying. That $80 billion payoff on health insurance they just got promised, the one that we non-union members were expected to fund. That would appear to now be out the window.

    The other loser is, of course, the Obama Administration, which badly needs to clean house.

    Rahm and Axelrod gotta go for political health. Geithner and Summers gotta go for fiscal health. The latter's what they were sent there to fix.

    So now we got us a whole new Bay State Senator.

    I like him. A lot. Like his truck, like his ladies, like his "no tax money so terrorists can lawyer up" trope. Like the Lt. Col. JAG Corp thing. Like it all. A lot.

    So as a Californian let me just say to my Bay State friends and family: thank you, thank you very much.

    Sunday, August 30, 2009

    Doc Dean speaks the truth

    The ever passionate Howard Dean, chairman of the DNC, spoke the truth this week in most welcome fashion. He admitted that the reason jackpot justice reform isn't in the Dem's healthcare overhaul is because the trial lawyers won't stand for it and they are too strong to challenge.

    Doc Dean also said that the bill is "enormous." Ya think? 1,300 pages. Yep, that's a hella big and complex set of rules, regs, loopholes, committees, commissions, taxing authorities, inspectors general, special assistants, and other people from the government here to help.

    So John Edwards and his fellow trial lawyers get to exercise their veto rights and we get 1,300 pages worth of enormous government. Who's the winner here?